The Morristown & Erie
A Brief Overview

Copyright 1999 by Steven P. Hepler

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Ben worked closely with customers along the former Lackawanna R.R. Chester Branch during their attempts to purchase the 4-mile line from Conrail in late 1983. The M&E has provided service over this branch between Wharton and Randolph for its owners since that time.

Ben also assisted the County of Morris during its purchase of two former Central Railroad of New Jersey branches operated by Conrail in the late 1980s. These County-owned lines are made up of the 7-mile High Bridge Branch between Wharton and Bartley, and the 6-mile Dover & Rockaway Line between Wharton and Rockaway. The Morristown & Erie continues to operate these lines under contract to the County.

In late 1995, the M&E became the plant switching operator at the sprawling Bayway Petroleum Refinery in Linden, NJ. The M&E's on-site crews typically switch over 8,000 tank cars each year at this huge site, which parallels the New Jersey Turnpike.

Today, the Morristown & Erie Railway continues to move forward in a vastly changing world. Despite the sudden passing of Ben Friedland in 1998, President & Chief Executive Officer Wesley Weis, Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer Gordon Fuller, and the entire staff of the M&E continue to operate a historic railroad company that has provided essential and friendly servicee to the many communities along the "Whippanong Trail" since 1895.

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